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the Bergman Safty-Spanner!

A Helper You Can Trust

About Bergman Safty-Spanners
  • Guaranteed for 1 year; if wrench is broken under normal usage, it will be replaced when returned to manufacturer, and inspection shows no misuse.
  • The wrench will not make sparks or burrs, slip off or damage valves.
  • The properties of the Aluminum-Magnesium alloys used remain constant within the temperature range of minus 76 degrees to 225 plus degrees F.
  • The alloy is used in naval vessels and aircraft and the Army uses it in lightweight armor for their tanks.
  • The alloy used is covered by ASTM Specifications B 179-75 and B 26-75, and by Federal Specifications QQ-A-601E and QQ-A-371F.
  • Our Safty-Spanners are used world-wide.
  • Any industry that has valves needs our wrenches to prevent injuries, fires or valve damage.

All tools guaranteed for one year under normal usage
Call: (419) 691-1462
Fax: (419) 693-4606

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